Build Your Own Blockchain

Blockchains have been around for decades, but they're becoming increasingly important to the financial industry. For institutions that process digital transactions-brokerages, exchanges, and clearing firms in particular-blockchain technology plays a mission-critical role.

What is a Blockchain?

Imagine a car and a truck crashing in the middle of an intersection. Eight out of 10 witnesses say the car ran a red light. One witness couldn't be contacted. Another said the truck ran the red light.

There's little doubt that the car ran the red light.

This is the principle behind blockchain. It's a public decentralized transaction ledger that maintains a continuously growing list of records (blocks). Each block contains a timestamp and a link to a previous block.

A blockchain keeps digital transaction histories secure by creating a zero-trust "consensus network," or a ledger of digital transactions shared by many computers to arrive at a consensus. A blockchain makes it virtually impossible for anyone to rewrite or alter transaction histories.

If you're processing financial transactions in the current digital environment, you need this all-important layer of security.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are computer protocols which create a type of unbreakable escrow, eliminating the risk of others not following through on their commitments. Blockchain makes this more secure. Modulus Blockchain handles smart contracts, which control assets via a convenient scripting language based on JavaScript. Users may encode arbitrary state transition functions by writing logic in a few lines of code. The scripting language allows users to write logic for contract terms, events which occur when there is success or failure, and so forth.

Modulus Blockchain Features

  • Seamless integration with existing financial infrastructure including FIX messaging
  • Rapid customization and deployment on existing hardware or in the cloud
  • Configurable architecture for distributed ledger
  • Extremely secure with permissioned access using two-factor authentication and Stanford Remote Password Protocol with message-level encryption
  • Compliant with finance industry specific security standards thanks to full cryptographic auditability of all activity throughout the system
  • Highly scalable and designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS as well as other Modulus products, including MyExchange
  • Smart contracts with JavaScript-based scripting language
  • Malleable design not limited to financial applications
  • Optional order management/risk engine for financial applications
  • Developer support and training via desktop sharing for quick set up and launch; technical support and source-code updates provided for one year with the option to renew

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Why Modulus?

You'll find many blockchain startups out there. But Modulus has 20+ years of experience in financial technology. We've been developing blockchain solutions long before blockchain was made popular with cryptocurrencies.

Since 1997, Modulus has provided advanced technology products and services to clients including The NASDAQ Stock Market, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Barclays Capital, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Devon Energy, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google, Cisco, Adobe, Ford Motor Company, SAS Institute, Rutgers University, University of Chicago, MIT, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, NASA, and thousands of other corporate, educational, governmental, and non-profit institutions, throughout 94 countries. Our products and services reach millions of end users around the world.