M4 Mac OS X Trading Platform with Objective C Source

The M4 trading platform is a professional trading application, featuring real-time quote screens, charting, portfolio tracking, auto-trading, scripting, expert advisors, stock scanning, alerts, and other advanced features.

Buy vs. Build

Are you paying for a subscription to a platform you don't own? Are you worried there are critical software problems you can't solve because you don't have the source code?

Are you worried about the associated risk, time, and money it takes to build a trading platform from scratch, espcially in Objective C for Mac OS X?

M4 is a white-label trading application which comes with programming libraries and Objective C examples for modifying the appearance and functionality.

What you should know:

1. Buying a readymade, custom-built trading platform is expensive.

2. Building a trading platform from scratch can be even more expensive.

3. Leasing a trading platform creates high, and often inescapable, switching costs, not to mention, never-ending royalty payments.

4. It is limiting and dangerous to be denied access to your trading platform source code.

5. However, using free, open-source code is even more dangerous (see our document).

Brokerages, perhaps you are paying for a platform that you don't own. Or, are you concerned your competitors are releasing new versions of their platform so rapidly you can't keep up?

Traders, perhaps you are frustrated with the lack of flexibility and support with your existing, off-the-shelf trading software. Are its limited features inadequate for your trading style? Are they holding you back?

The M4 Trading Platform


The entire application is available with full Objective C source code, which offers a familiar setting for experienced xcode programmers. The CPU-intensive back-end code has been optimized for high performance on Mac OS X. Back-end code includes charting features, technical analysis, and a scripting language.


Everything about M4 is completely customizable. All windows, menus, toolbars, charts, and features can be modified, enhanced, or removed with ease. Because you are provided with source code examples and developer documentation, you can make your own modifications, or you can hire developers to code to your specifications.

M4 features multi-timeframe charts, separate windows for charts (to support multiple monitors), auto-trading capabilities, a trend cycle identifier, artificial intelligence features, pattern recognition, and more.

High Performance

All CPU-intensive processes in M4 are asynchronous, taking full advantage of multi-core processors. Data loading, neural network training, expert advisor processing, and other features make full use of asynchronous programming design.

We also make it easy to add custom asynchronous features through our AsyncProcess template class.

Any Brokerage - Any Data Feed

M4 can be configured to work with any brokerage or data feed. M4 can be configured to connect directly to an exchange, or to eSignal, Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, FXCM, GAIN Capital, Hotspot, Oanda, or to any other API.

Multiple Configurations

M4 can be deployed under different configurations designed specifically for various applications including Professional Trading, Quant Strategy Development, Fund Management, and Education.

Professional Trading Edition

Designed for professional traders, this version features the ability to trade multiple asset classes through various brokerages or through direct market access. Traders can back-test and forward-test multiple trading strategies simultaneously, trading strategies can be optimized using genetic algorithms, plus traders can create high frequency auto-trading strategies and much more.

Quant Strategy Development Edition

This version of M4 lets quant strategy developers create advanced trading strategies using the Objective C programming language or TradeScript. This version also features a quant function library and advanced back testing features including the ability to back-test multiple petabyte HFT databases.

Fund Management Edition

M4 Fund Management Edition features all the same functionality of the Professional Trading Edition plus the ability to trade for multiple clients on a one-on-one basis or via one-to-many copy trading. This version also features a CRM designed for fund managers, a reporting engine that generates client profit & loss reports, plus the ability to connect to any brokerage API or exchange.

Education Edition

M4 Education Edition lets educators teach online students their proprietary trading strategies and methodologies via a custom application, thereby reducing the dependency and cost associated with commercial data feeds and standard off-the-shelf software such as NinjaTrader, TradeStation, etc. The Education Edition features trading strategy protection via double encryption and server-side signal generation so proprietary systems can never be cracked or pirated. This version also features a live built-in webinar with a built-in chat room that requires students to “raise their hand” by clicking a button to ask questions, plus many other features specific to trading education. As with all versions of M4, this version can be white labeled and customized. We also provide complete turnkey bespoke solutions from start to finish. This version is available in desktop, web, and mobile formats.

Why M4?

  • Most companies should prefer buying to building: if you build your own product, there's an unacceptable risk. What if the end result is a failure?
  • M4 saves thousands of hours in development time. This translates to faster time to market, lower costs, and a higher ROI.
  • M4 offers full support. Your software developers will receive technical support, setup and training, source code updates, and helpful advice throughout the duration of your source code subscription.
  • Perhaps most importantly, you can earn substantial revenue with M4 by enrolling in our Value Added Reseller program.

Modulus Source Code License

The Modulus Source Code License includes approximately three million lines of source code, documentation, and example projects, with a perpetual license, including source code updates, for the following products: TA-SDK C++, C#, Java, JS, VB, TradeScript C++ and C#, StockChartX C++, C#, JS, Java, Obj C, Neural Trader C++, Evo2 C#, PatternLogic C#, MyExchange C#, SuperWebSocket Data Server C#, RMD Server C++, M4 WinForm C#, M4 WPF C#, M4 Forex HTML5, M4 Standard HTML5, M4 iOS Obj C, M4 Mac Obj C, M4 Android Java and more. Most products are provided with complete source code. Support and consulting services available separately.

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StockChartX Charting Engine

We asked more than 1,200 traders which charting features and technical indicators they wanted in StockChartX. There were lots of valuable feature requests, and we added them all.

StockChartX features real-time, tick-by-tick charting with High-Low-Close bars, Open-High-Low-Close bars, 2D & 3D Candlestick charts, Renko, Kagi, Three Line Break, Point & Figure, Candle-Volume, Equi-Volume, Shaded Equi-Volume, Heikin Ashi Candlesticks, Darvas Boxes and other price styles.

You can chart real-time market data; insert buy, sell, or exit symbols; insert text, trend lines, custom images, multiple indicators, and overlay indicators (share scales); display charts with semi-log or linear scaling; print charts; save charts as images; save/load charts as binary files and more.

StockChartX is the original financial charting library, used by over 3,000,000 traders.

Technical Analysis Indicators

M4 features over 80 popular technical indicators which can be customized with user-defined parameters. Our technical indicators have been validated by their authors whenever possible, so you can be sure the calculations are correct. That's why our technical indicator library has won numerous awards by Futures magazine and Stocks & Commodities magazine. View a complete list of indicators here.

Chart Pattern Recognition

Chart Pattern Recognition

M4 features a template-driven, fully dynamic pattern recognition engine to identify Channels, Double Bottoms, Double Tops, Flags, Head & Shoulders, Pennants, Trend, Triangles, Triple Bottoms, Triple Tops, Wedges, and other patterns. Create custom patterns using the supplied pattern designer utility.

Expert Advisors

Develop your own Expert Advisors or select from one of the many pre-defined Expert Advisors included within the trading system database.

Other Features

1. Double Buffered Quote Screen with Live Thumbnail Tick Charts

2. Portfolio Manager & Order Entry Screen (linkable to any brokerage)

3. Charting Screen with Technical Analysis

4. Advanced Chart Pattern Recognition Built into the Charting Screen

5. Neural Network Technical Indicators

6. Expert Advisors and Consensus Reports

7. Back Testing via TradeScript

8. Real Time Alerts via TradeScript

9. Stock Scanning via TradeScript

10. Import/Export to/from Excel, Including Indicator Values

11. Straight-Forward Data Feed API Adapter Class with Development Support

12. Back-End Administrator Application to Generate License Keys, Send Instant Messages, Generate P&L Reports, and much more!


  • Source Code to the Entire Trading Platform
  • Source Code to other Components, Including Charting, Technical Indicators and more.
  • Our SuperWebSocket Data Server
  • Our MyExchange Exchange Engine
  • An Administrator for Trial Keys
  • Account Reporting
  • Instant Messaging
  • Mobile Charting Interface
  • And much, much more!
OS X Trading Platform
Max OS X Trading Platform with Objective C Source Code

Developer Support

We provide developer setup and training via desktop sharing, so you can run the M4 platform immediately after your license is purchased. Technical support and source code updates are provided for one year and may be renewed. Contact us to get started today.